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Saturday Sale Bill


Established Since 1943
Feeder Pigs 8:30 a.m. - Misc. 9:00 a.m. - Sheep 9:00 a.m.
Cows at 11:00 a.m. followed by Feeder Calves

Sale for
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014





25 hd Feeder Pigs - 35 lbs.

Sold 51 Weigh Sows  

350 - 450#  $78.00 - $88.00

450-500#    $82.00 - $89.00

550-650#    $86.00 - $91.00

Boars Heavy  $34.00      Light  $38.00 - $68.00

Sold 241  Butchers
Top Butchers - $75.50
Many butchers -   $73.00 - $74.00




Expect 100-150 Sheep and Goats

All Weights and Classes.






Rabbit Cage  3X7

120 - Sheets of Tin 14X20; exc. cond.

Various used Lumber - all sizes

Wood Posts - Cattle Panels - Landscape Timbers


Pauley Bros. Annual Fall Machinery Consignment Sale

Tuesday, August 26th  9:00 a.m.













10 - 20 Buckets Calves

200 - 400 Mx X Steers, Bulls,

   Hfrs 300-900#









IF YOU ARE thinking about having a machinery sale, household sale or land sale....Please give us a call. We would be glad to visit with you.




25 Bl/Red Cows w/calves @ side; running with Bl Blazed Face Simme Bulls for 45 days.

17 Bl/BWF/RED Ang X Cows w/big calves @ side; mated back Bl Bulls   Dunlap

30 Bl Cows; 5 -7 yrs. old, some w/calves  Odebolt

30 Bl 1st calf Hfs; Big & gentle; AI’d to calf Feb 21 to Platinum    Shelby

15 Bl Cows; 3rd to 8th calf; calf 9/5/14   Oakland

10 Bl Cows; some pairs, some springers


All cows sorted for age, color & size.

Call Friday for latest consignments of

Bred Cows and Pairs

 Special Weigh Cow Sale -  this Sat., August 23rd and Sat., Sept. 6th.  Don't miss out!

See last week's ad for Special Calf & Yearling Sale - Thursday, August 21st   11:30 a.m.

Lots of late consignments of new crop calves and yearlings.



Sold 147 Weigh Cows and Bulls on a steady to lower market.

Top cows - $124.00 - $132.00

Most cows - $110.00 - $120.00

Old Thin Low Yielding - $40.00 - $100.00

Bulls Drug-free, high yielding - $132.00 - $152.00

Other Bulls - $118.00 - $150.00

Sold 18 Fat Cattle

Top Choice - $148.00 - $151.00

Selects and low grade -$135.00 - $150.00




 Many more good calls from producers and buyers. Talk to your vets and get at least 1 round if not 2 rounds of modified live virus shots in your calves. Thanks


Big Special Calf & Yearling Sales -

Thursday, Sept. 11th and Thursday, Sept. 25th.

Call for free appraisals or to get properly advertised.

 JR's Commentary:

Where did the summer go? The boys asked when we were going to have our golf outing. Answer: We will have a good one next year. Sorry, time just got away.

Money and fame must not make people happy all of the time. Where did Robin Williams go wrong? He was a good clean actor that made many people laugh and will be missed. Did you hear about the man who bought a parrot at our auction Saturday? After some spirited bidding, the new owner asked me if the bird talks. I replied, "Talks????Yes, he's been bidding against you the last 10 minutes." This parrot really would come in handy at some 4-H Sales and other benefit auctions.



Sale Dates Claimed
Thursday Aug. 21st 11:30 a.m.
Special Calf & Yearling Sale
Tuesday Aug. 26th 9:00 a.m.
Pauley Bros. Annual Fall Consignment Sale
Tuesday Aug. 26th 12 Noon
Tom & Pat Muenchrath, Owners
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