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Saturday Sale Bill


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Sale for
Saturday, August 2nd, 2014




Sold 81 Weigh Sows  

350 - 450#  $80.00 - $90.00

450-500#    $85.00 - $90.00

550-650#    $86.00 - $90.00

Boars Heavy  $30.00      Light  $37.00 - $67.00

Sold 219  Butchers
Top Butchers - $92.50
Many butchers -   $90.75 - $91.75




Expect 100-150 Sheep and Goats

All Weights and Classes.






Dolls - Glassware - Dishes

If anyone has big light poles for sale - call Denny 712-269-7803

Pauley Bros. Annual Fall Machinery Consignment Sale

Tuesday, August 26th

2 weeks left to consign items - IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE! Call 712-263-3149













10 - 20 Buckets Calves

200 - 400 Mx X Steers, Bulls,

   Hfrs 300-900#








IF YOU ARE thinking about having a machinery sale, household sale or land sale....Please give us a call. We would be glad to visit with you.




3 Young Cows w/calves @ side

10 Bl Cows w/calves    pending




 All cows sorted for age, color & size.

 Special Weigh Cow Sale -  Sat., August 9th  and Sat., August 23rd. Don't miss out!

Next Special Calf & Yearling Sale -

Thursday, Aug. 21st.

Call for free appraisal or to get properly advertised. IT PAYS.


Sold 177 Weigh Cows and Bulls on our Special weigh Cow Sale. More record prices again.

Top cows - $123.00 - $133.50

Most cows - $112.00 - $121.00

Old Thin Low Yielding - $45.00 - $105.00

Bulls Drug-free, high yielding - $138.00 - $160.00 - Fat Cattle Prices

Other Bulls - $120.00 - $155.00

Sold 14 Fat Cattle

Top Choice - $157.00 - $159.00

Selects and low grade -$125.00 - $155.00




Sold 2200 cattle Thursday on a cool day and the hottest market in history. Thanks to all!

Sts                                        Hfs

7 Sts     359#     $327.50       7 Hfs     345#     $300.00

6 Sts     450#     $305.00       6 Hfs     401#     $296.00

7 Sts     508#     $280.00       9 Hfs     508#     $274.00 

81 Sts   619#     $261.00       38 Hfs   602#     $241.00

20 Sts   738#     $240.00       77 Hfs   712#     $219.00

104 Sts 828#     $230.25       75 Hfs   834#     $207.00

109 Sts 923#     $218.25       161 Hfs 931#     $186.50

65 Sts   987#     $208.00   


Yes, it’s that time of the year again – More so than ever. This year, we the producers need to consider many things. The Green Tag Preconditioning Sales are the best way to prove your cattle have been vaccinated and identified. Here is the kicker….Many feedlots and farmer feeders are going to be looking at 1 thing – vaccinations that have modified live virus shots, double pasteurella, and calves that have had 2 rounds of these shots. Out West, this is a part of life for the ranchers. Why is this so important? Calves that have 2 rounds of modified live shots can be co-mingled and have a better chance at a healthy start in their new home. Killed virus shots just don’t work that well, if at all. Diseases killed the small time hog farmer. Let’s not let this hurt the ones of us that are left in the cattle business. Modified vaccinations will give the confidence back to the feed yard and famer producers to put smaller bunches of cattle together.


For example: 100 Sts weighing 500# @ $260.00 a hundred is $1,300.00 a head. 3 die – now we have $1,340.00 left in 97 head, and most likely a vet bill. With cattle at these prices, we need to do everything we can to help the next buyer. What these feed yard and farmer feeders ask for most, is calves that have been vaccinated with Bovishield Gold 5. Second choice would be Pyramid 5. With either of these 2 vaccines, throw in a shot of Enforce and the One Shot for your own protection. For the Iowa Green Tag Preconditioning Certificate there are two groups of shots required – Clostridial Group -7 way; and the Histophilus Somni which will be killed virus most times, which is okay. The real vaccine that buyers want is modified live shots for IBR, PI-3, BVD, BRSV, and Mannheimia Haemolytica.


Personally, I’m not promoting one product over the other. Your veterinarian went to school 8 years and knows a lot more about medicines and taking care of your livestock needs than me. Communication between you, your veterinarian, the buyer and your livestock marketing agency can be a crucial part of making a profitable year now and in the future. Working together will make things better.


Last note: Yes, corn is cheap. But remember, for example: we sold Sts that weighed 828# for $230.25. Next we sold Sts that weighed 962# for $204.00. If the Sts that weigh 962# would have been green, they would have cost close to $220.00. Do what you need to do, but please be careful with the energy you put in your cattle whether it is corn, corn by products or whatever. The right rations will reward everybody. If you have any questions, please call your vet or JR and we can discuss any or all of your needs.




  Something’s are not just right. So far, this year 26 children have died in cars because their care taker left them in a hot car. How many pets have died? None. Maybe these people should have puppies instead of babies. It took 2 hours in Arizona to put an inmate to death. I guess they think this is cruel and unusual punishment. I wonder how the 2 people he killed felt. Maybe they just need to bring ropes back into play or the old firing squad way..


Sale Dates Claimed
Monday Aug. 18th 7:00 p.m.
Michael G. Weihs Estate
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