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Saturday Sale Bill



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 Sale for
Saturday, October 10th, 2015



Sold 49  Weigh Sows 

350 - 450# $41 - $46

450-500#   $44 - $52    

550-650#    $54 - $56  We need more Sows


Boars Heavy $13     Light $21 - $41

Sold 147 Butchers
Top Butchers - $51.50
Many butchers - $50.00 - $51.00



Expect 100-150 Sheep and Goats

All Weights and Classes.

 Sheep market is the only bright spot!




706 IH Gas Tractor w/wide front and loader pending


Denison Livestock North Building  9:00 a.m.

 NEW LG scratch and dent Appliances: Stoves, refrigerators, washers & dryers; dishwashers

 NEW factory warehouse Tools and Fixtures: Husky, Rigid, Milwaukee, DeWalt and other name brand tools plus plumbing fixtures, ceiling fans, lights and other accessories.





10 - 20 Buckets Calves

200 - 400 Mx X Steers, Bulls, Hfrs 300-900#

 The cards for 2015/2016 Special Sales have been mailed. If you did not receive one and would like on - call the office 712-263-3149


 IF YOU ARE thinking about having a machinery sale, household sale or land sale....Please give us a call. We would be glad to visit with you.


20 Bl Cows; running age, mated Bl  CALL


John Krenk has 15 Fancy Bl 1st calf Hfs for sale -

Call  712-371-3031







Sold 111 Weigh Cows & Bulls on a lower, lower, lower market. 

Top cows - $92 - $102

Most cows - $78 - $88

Old Thin Low Yielding - $40 - $80

 Special Weigh Cow Sales – Saturday, Oct. 10th and Saturday, Oct. 24th. The Weigh Cow market finally hit the toilet. IT takes good lean cows now to bring $92 - $102. The really good soft fat cows $78 - $86. To find a bottom we need to FIND DEMAND. Look at meat prices in the stores, we are not there yet. It makes me sick to see prices at the counter higher than when we had $170 plus fat cattle. Where are beef check off dollars going? We need help fast!



Bulls Drug-free, high yielding - $105  - $116

Other Bulls - $100 - $111


Sold 73 Fat Cattle

Top Choice - $111 - $115

Selects and low grade - $110 - $125



Special Calf & Yearling Sale - Thursday, Oct. 29th

Call for free appraisal



Where are we at??? People spend millions of dollars for a job that pays under $200,000.00 a year; most who are elected have a net worth of very little; within 20 years they are worth millions; when they lose their job they still get most of their wages and health insurance the rest of their life. Where are we at???? (Washington D.C.) If these people are really doing what is really right for us, God pity the poor. Term limits and new blood – plain ole common sense has gone away. If they are leading by example, it sure doesn’t show it.

The beef market is under the most pressure seen in history. Mad cow seems like a dream - we only went down $22 a hundred in 2003. Today, meat prices remain at levels seen when we had $175 fat cattle and we have lost $55 a hundred in the last 6 months…..This is just wrong!




Sale Dates Claimed
Monday Oct. 12th 5:30 p.m.
City of Denison, Owner
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