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Saturday Sale Bill



Established Since 1943
Feeder Pigs 8:30 a.m. - Misc. 9:00 a.m. - Sheep 9:00 a.m.
Cows at 11:00 a.m. followed by Feeder Calves
Saturday, January 16th, 2016   


Sale for

Saturday, May 28th, 2016    8:30 a.m. 



Sold 48 Weigh Sows 

350 - 450# $45 - $50

450-500#   $48 - $53       

550-650#   $53 - $56     

Boars Heavy $15     Light  $20 - $40

Sold 157 Butchers
Top Butchers - $54.50
Many butchers - $54



Expect 100-150 Sheep and Goats

All Weights and Classes.

13 XBred Hamp-Suffox Ewes; 1 - 4 yrs. old  4H Quality

10 BF Mix Lambs

Sold over 200 new crop lambs $180 - $210 a pound.

Need more sheep and goats to meet buyer demand.





5 - Ponies

30 - Corn Tunnels

4 - Basement Posts


Small Equipment Livestock Sale

Saturday, May 28th   10:00 a.m.

If you want to bring in any gates, wagons or fencing

Call and feel free to bring your articles in   712-263-3149

Feeder Wagons                                                     

SAC 6135 - Reel                                                   

Schuler SRM 263 – Reel

12 X 40 Portable Livestock Shed

2 – Foremost Head Gates                        

Apache 3 Ton Creep Feeder

2 – Barge Wagon w/silage doors                      

J & M Gravity Wagon

Misc. Feeders and Equipment






10 - 20 Buckets Calves

200 - 400 Mx X Steers, Bulls, Hfrs 300-900# 


 IF YOU ARE thinking about having a machinery sale, household sale or land sale....Please give us a call. We would be glad to visit with you.


10 BWF 1st calf Hfs w/big calves @ side

25 Bl Mx Cows; running age  Some pairs - Some Springers

30 Bl/Red Cows w/big Bl/Red calves @ side; running age

P.B. Red Angus bull coming 3 out of Ludvigson Red Angus

Sold 357 Bred Cows & Pairs Saturday.

Hf Pairs - $2300 - $2550. We need more young & solid mouth pairs. If weather is wet, we should have 150 Bred Cows and Pairs. If dry call friday for latest consignments.



Sold 329  Weigh Cows and Bulls on a steady to higher market.

Top cows - $79 - $89

Most cows - $69 - $77

Old Thin Low Yielding - $42 - $62


Bulls Drug-free, high yielding - $95 - $113

Other Bulls - $82 - $104



     Top Choice - $124 - $127

     Selects & Low Grades - $120 - $130

 Got a few fats to sell? Give Saturday a try.




Upcoming Sales:

Thursday: May 26th  11:30 a.m.

Special Calf & Yearling Sale


Next Saturday, Memorial Day Weekend, the sale will go on like normal. We’ll be here same hours as usual. We are proud to take care of all your needs. There will be no ad due to the holidays next week but we should have another big sale on Sat., June 4th. Call for consignments or let us know what you are bringing in. Thanks





Looks like a rainy week. Hope everybody gets the grills fired up for the Memorial Day Weekend. I can’t believe the price of beef in the stores. Fat cattle live prices are $500 a head cheaper than last year and meat prices in the stores are basically the same price. Where are our beef check off dollars going? Looks like they and us need to go to work to sell our product. It is the best in the world and we need to do more to prove it. When crude oil went down so did the price of gas so why can’t the meat price? 60 minutes last night said a mouth full. Politicians do what it takes to get elected and a lot more to get reelected. With that thought how can they do what is right for us when they are more worried about themselves. This is not what our forefathers wanted. Remember HEART is what separates the good from the GREAT. We need more GREAT people to step forward. Have a safe weekend and eat more meat.

The angels came and got another great lady Friday. Our sympathy goes out to the Bob Crampton families. If you knew Irene, you knew a great person in your life.





Sale Dates Claimed
Saturday May. 28th 10:00 a.m.
Small Equipment Livestock Sale
Monday Jun. 6th 5:30 p.m.
Patricia A. Worley Conservatorship, Owner
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