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Saturday Sale Bill



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 Sale for
Saturday, November 28th, 2015



Sold 22  Weigh Sows 

350 - 450# $20- $26  

450-500#   $23 - $28    

550-650#    $26 - $31  

Boars Heavy $12     Light $18 - $30

Sold 57 Butchers
Top Butchers - $38.50
Many butchers - $37.00 - $38.00



Expect 100-150 Sheep and Goats

All Weights and Classes.

12 Bred Ewe - due to lamb 12/15/15









10 - 20 Buckets Calves

200 - 400 Mx X Steers, Bulls, Hfrs 300-900#


Sold over 1700 cattle Thursday on a very active market. Thanks to all. Check website for all prices. Modified live vaccines and flesh will determine the price.



 IF YOU ARE thinking about having a machinery sale, household sale or land sale....Please give us a call. We would be glad to visit with you.


14 Ang 1st calf Hfs, all shots; calf 3/7 for 45 days – mated to Ang Bull and

13 Ang Cows, all shots; 4 – 8 yrs old; calf 4/1 for 60 days – mated to Ang Bull   John Krenk  Ida Grove

25 Bl Hfs – bred to Sons of Final Answer; 1025# - 1050# Bulls put in May 6th for 45 days – gentle

30 Bl Hfs; W.O. Big & Gentle mated to Doc Carlson LBW Angus Bulls; Bulls turned in April 25th for 33 days – no clean up.

15 Red Angus Hfs; calf Jan 25th for 33 days; mated to Carlson LBW  Marathon

10 Bl Cows w/200# - 400# calves @ side; running back w/Bl Simm Bulls

40 Bl Mixed X Cows; running age – calf Feb/March; mated Bl Simm

8 Fancy Bl Cows; 2nd to 4th calf; calf 4/1 mated to Mason Fleenor Bl Angus Bulls  Ida Grove

20 Reputation Bl Cows; 3rd to 7th calf; calf 3/1 for 45 days – mated to Bl Simm. Calves always top auction – complete dispersion  Denison

25 Bl/Red Cows; 3rd to 8th calf; mated Bl  complete dispersion  Webster City

14 Simm Ang Hfs; Big –Gentle A-I’d to calf 1/30 – 2/12 to WC United Woolstock.


Call for Friday for latest consignments of Bred Cows, Bred Hfs and Pairs.




Sold 121 Weigh Cows and Bulls on a snowy lower market.

          What's new?

Top cows - $85 - $94

Most cows - $72 - $82

Old Thin Low Yielding - $40 - $67


Special Weigh Cow Sales –

Saturday, Nov. 28th & Saturday, Dec. 12th.



Bulls Drug-free, high yielding - $90  - $110

Other Bulls - $80 - $100



     Top Choice - $117 - $121

     Selects & Low Grades - $115 - $125





Upcoming Cattle Sales:

Thursday:  November 19th

                   December 3rd & December 10th &

                   December 17th     

Call for free appraisal or to get properly advertised.



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Monday Dec. 21st 10:00 a.m.
Muff Tenants in Common, Owners
Friday Apr. 15th
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