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Saturday Sale Bill





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  October 19th, 2019    



SOLD  67  WEIGH SOWS on a higher market.

350 - 450#   $30 - $35

450 - 550#   $36 - $42

550 - 650#   $42 - $46

Boars Heavy $13      Lights $15 - $25

Sold 127 Butchers:

Top $40.50        Many $39.75 plus



Expect 100-150 Sheep and Goats

All Weights and Classes.   

31 Sheep  75# - 110#

15 Goats  50# - 80#







 IF YOU ARE thinking about having a machinery sale, household sale or land sale....Please give us a call. We would be glad to visit with you.







Special Calf & Yearling Sale – Saturday, Oct. 26th.

NOTE Saturday date

Call for free appraisal or to get properly advertised.

Special Calf & Yearling Sale –Thursday, Nov. 7th.


Talk to your vet! If you used killed vaccines, you really need a modified live booster shot. It will pay.














Hopefully great harvest weather. Should have 20 - 30 breds, pairs, springers. Call Friday for latest update.


Special Weigh Cow Sale – Saturday, Oct. 26th.          My opinion – the sooner you sell weigh cows, the happier you will be for awhile.



SOLD 197 Weigh Cows & Bulls Saturday on a steady to higher market.

Top Cows -  $64 - $74

Most Cows -  $55 - $63

Old Thin Low Yielding - $25 - $52


High yielding- $77 - $95

Low yielding - $68 - $85

Sold 17 Fat Cattle

Top Choice - $102 - $106

Selects & Low Grades - $99 - $109


Got a few fats to sell? Give Saturday a try.





Monday, Oct. 21st Absolute 3 Bedroom House Sale

5:30 p.m.   2002 Ridgeway Drive Denison, IA

Virginia Lickteig, Owner


Monday, Oct. 21st  Absolute 3 Bedroom House Sale

6:30 p.m.  1205 S 15th St.  Denison, IA

Joann Reisz, Owner


Saturday, October 26th   8:00 a.m.                        75.01 Taxable Acres M/L of Crawford County farmground to be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION   

Sale to be held at Denison Livestock

Louise Maack Estate, Owner


Saturday, October 26th    8:15 a.m.

144.88 Cropland Acres M/L to be sold at


Sale to be held at Denison Livestock

The Wesley Rath Estate, Owner


Monday, October 28th   5:30 p.m.

Absolute 3 Bedroom HOUSE AUCTION

1816 1st Ave S   Denison, IA  51442

George Sparks, Beatrice Sparks, Crystal Belle Hoss, Isabella Blalock, Jana Plain, Losi Hester, Owners    


Monday, October 28th   6:30 p.m.

Absolute 3 Bedroom Plus Bonus Room HOUSE AUCTION

805 1st Avenue South, Denison, IA  51442

Louise Maack Estate,  Owner           














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Sale Dates Claimed
Absolute 3 Bedroom HOUSE AUCTION - Joann Reisz, Denison, IA Owner
Absolute 3 Bedroom House Auction plus Extra Lot - Virginia A. Lickteig, Owner
144.88 Cropland acres M/l of Crawford Co. Farmground to be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION - The Wesley Rath Estate, Owner
75.01 Taxable Acres M/L of Crawford County farmground - Louise Maack Estate, Owner
Absolute 3 Bedroom House Auction - George Sparks, Beatrice Sparks, Crystal Belle Hoss, Isabella Blalock, Jana Plain, Hois Hester, Owners
Absolute 3 Bedroom plus Bonus Room House Auction - Louise Maack Estate, Denison, IA, Owner
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