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Saturday Sale Bill






Established Since 1943
Feeder Pigs 8:30 a.m. - Misc. 9:00 a.m. - Sheep 9:00 a.m.
Cows at 11:00 a.m. followed by Feeder Calves



August 18th, 2018






350 - 450#   $20 - $24

450-500#     $22 - $26

550-650#     $24 - $28

Boars Heavy $10 - $12    Lights $12 - $22

Sold 177 Butchers: If you think $33 is bad, wait 2 weeks.

Top $33    Many  $32



Expect 100-150 Sheep and Goats

All Weights and Classes. 

After 70 yrs – complete liquidation: 6-8 Ewes – 1 –Ram: varying ages, all shots   Marshall Sohm










Cattle Gates - Various Sizes

Guns: 12 gauge over under Mossberg – 3”; 12 gauge Ithaca Pump; 12 gauge Remington Magnum 870 – 2 barrells.

Hay Rack

Large assortment of older toys not in boxes. Pending CALL

Pauley Brothers Fall Machinery Consignment Sale will be Tuesday, August 28th. Last Day Absolute deadline to advertise - Wednesday, August 15th   NOON!



 IF YOU ARE thinking about having a machinery sale, household sale or land sale....Please give us a call. We would be glad to visit with you.




Next Special Calf & Yearling Sale - Thurs., Aug. 23rd 



Sold 57 Bred Cows and Pairs Saturday.

Call Friday for latest consignments or for free appraisals. Prices vary greatly. You will get what you pay for!


Special Weigh Cow Sale Saturday, August 25th. 




Sold 169 Weigh Cows and Bulls. Market lower. What a joke.

Top cows -  $67 - $75; Most of these cows going back to feed yard.

Most Cows -  $54 - $64

Old Thin Low Yielding - $30 - $50



Drug-free, high yielding- $80 - $95

Other Bulls  $67 - $80


   TOP CHOICE - $104 - $108

   SELECTS & LOW GRADES - $100 - $110




Saturday, August 25th  Household/Vehicle Sale 

9:15 a.m.    Denison Livestock North Building

Sue Nelson Estate, Owner


3 Parcels of Crawford County Farmground to be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION Saturday, September 22nd  8:00 a.m. Sale to be held at Denison Livestock Auction located at 501 North 9th Street, Denison, IA

Gladys North Estate, Owner; Cindy Richert, Executor


3 Parcels of Crawford County Farmground to be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION Saturday, September 29th     8:00 a.m. Sale to be held at dfenison LIvestock Auction located at 501 North 9th Street, Denison, IA.

Mary A Nehls Estate, Owner





VINTAGE BEEF: Aaron and Deb Gress (Vintage Beef) say thanks. Their beef sales were great! Watch or call for next Saturday Beef Sale. Go to www.gressfarms.com and check out their selection.





















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Sale Dates Claimed
Special Calf & Yearling Sale
Vehicle/Household Sale
Pauley Bros. Annual Fall Consignment Sale
3 Parcels of Crawford County Farmground to be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION - Gladys North Estate Owner
3 Parcels of Crawford County Farmground to be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION - Mary A Nehls Estate, Owner
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